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Share your insurance ideas and expertise. Respond to questions and comments huntsville hair video [2011-09-15] ... I just found this amazing video on hair transplant and restoration in Huntsville. How much would insurance cost for long strand hair transplant. Do insurance cover this kind of procedure in the first place? Reply


Aetna Health Insurance Company started its operation since 1850. They are dedicated in helping individuals achieved security in terms of health and financial. Aetna provides its members useful information to help them decide which insurance works for them. They provide insurance for employers around 50 states of America. Aetna's customers are mostly employers, individuals, students, and hourly or part-time workers. Their products and services include medical, dental, vision, disability, pharmacy, life, student, pet and behavioral health.

Aetna Health Insurance gives affordable coverage. From their wide range of services available, for sure there is one that's right for you. Aetna will even help you to choose a plan that's best for you. You will get help in accessing whatever care you need. Whatever the situation maybe, you will be assured that Aetna will provide you the help that you need in order to live a healthier life and in getting the most of your health dollars. You can even cover your pet in their Pet Insurance. Like any of your family members, animals also have health needs. It will let you manage your cost in treating your pet's injuries and illnesses. Included in pet insurance policies are lab test, surgery and visit to a licensed veterinarian and specialists.

Aetna Health Insurance has a symbol of AET at NY Stock Exchange. They have over 19 million members for medical, 14 million members for dental and 11 million pharmacy members. At present they have more than 920,000 health care professional, 528,000 doctors and specialist and 5,112 hospitals. They have been recognized worldwide and have been named by Fortune magazine as the Most Admired Company for Health Care. Some other awards they have received are: 2008 CRO's 100 Best Corporate Citizens, 2008 Health Literacy Awards, first in Payer View Rankings 2008, 2007 Behavioral Health Awards, Corporate Leadership Award, 2006 Innovation Award, 2004 HERA Award and more.

More About Aetna Health Coverage

When it comes to health insurance fields, the Aetna health insurance providers are considered to be one of the best in business with a strong reputation. They have been constantly proving their potential and have reached the heart of many by offering user friendly plans for the disabled. It has been noted in many cases that when someone faces a sudden accident or mishap, he is not only stranded by his economic supporters, but also by family member.

Imagine what you would do if you face such a situation with no income source and ever mounting medical bills. The health plans proposed by Aetna health insurance providers take good care of you in these situations. Especially in cases where people suffer from dental ailments and disabilities, the policies offer a great deal of support for them. They span wide around the world and have sustained themselves in the market through many decades despite of many recessions and break downs that speaks of its reliability.

The most appreciable part is the feedbacks from the satisfied customers. Records show how millions of people have benefited from Aetna health insurance provider and have managed to survive drastic conditions. However, getting through the Aetna health insurance provider is not as easy or smooth as usual. A lot of terms and conditions follow their course and you need to be well versed with many policies to ensure that you take the right benefit out of it.

The Aetna health insurance providers had different policies for individual people of groups. There is some small group employer plans that are best suited for employers with small scale business. While for those elite people with good financial background have different schemes in place. To avoid confusions among them, it is highly recommended to consult some agent of the Aetna health insurance providers who can explain you with all twists and trails. Make sure that you understand every step and every minute details of it. As a matter of fact, there have been many cases reported where people have failed to take benefit of the insurance coverage due to ignorance.

The official website is the best and the most reliable resource of the Aetna health insurance provider. You can find all the schemes, their details, policies and their conditions. Make sure that you go through these details carefully before investing in them. There are some specific diseases and conditions that are supported by this insurance company. So have a good look into this list and plan accordingly. It might happen sometimes that the you might be affected by some diseases that is not mentioned in the list, so in this case, it is better to go for some other option.

Other tools available provide you to have a look into the money growth policies where you can see your money growing with passing time. It is also recommended to have a good view at the benefit plans that promises healthy returns. So, after all it is your life and future that you have to keep secured. The Aetna health insurance providers have good rave reviews for this and you can also enjoy its benefits, provided that you take wise decision without wasting much time.

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Golden Rule
Golden Rule Health Insurance Company

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Aetna denial
I was denied today. I was just reading about the denial process on the Aetna website. It has in there that I can appeal by phone or written. Has anyone tried appealing by phone? Does it make more sense to have it written? I am just thinking that appealing by phone would make it faster. I have a surgery date of Feb. 1st.

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